SpotCues connects dispersed, mobile users through unified and meaningful experiences


Make communicating relevant and social

Relevant & Social Communication

Enables real-time two-way communications that feel familiar and intuitive. Seamlessly connect users via multiple channels and in different formats, including alerts, broadcasts, SMS, group messages, posts, private chats and more.

Enable users to find what they need 24/7

AI Bots

AI bots function as intelligent, always-on assistants. They can automate tasks and reminders, and help users find useful information and content on demand, using simulated conversations for a more intuitive user experience.

Put everything into one, easy-to-access app

Easy-to-access Micro-apps

No matter where users are, they can securely and seamlessly access internal resources, systems and applications, all organized within a single umbrella mobile app.

Use data to improve user experience & your business

Backend Dashboard

A backend dashboard provides the metrics and visualization you need for user analytics, reporting and insights. Use ours out-of-the-box or customize your own.

Deliver messages on any device

Multi-device Messaging

Connect with users on desktop, mobile, tablets or IoT devices. Our solutions can reside in or interface with various devices and operating systems depending on the need.

Feel confident with a secure, enterprise-class solution

Secure, Enterprise-class Solution

Our flexible, customizable and extensible enterprise-grade platform offers robust security for data and compliance, along with full administrative controls.

SpotCues is an intelligent enterprise communication and productivity platform that brings together apps, people and systems. Our solution delivers unified and meaningful experiences that connect dispersed, mobile users. An engaging, consumer-like user experience incorporates AI, bots and automation to streamline processes and workflows, and a flexible and extensible architecture enables easy integration and customization to meet any organization's needs.

Trusted by businesses across the globe

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