By applying intelligent technology solutions to both guest services and operations, you can quickly boost your business's profitability to a radical new level. With one flexible platform, we can help you do both – and more.

Don't miss the boat – or the airplane, for that matter. The current boom in travel and tourism means now is a perfect time to uncover exciting new opportunities to grow your business. SpotCues provides the digital solutions you need to make your staff more efficient and productive and make guest services more convenient and accessible. We also can quickly develop a custom solution to solve your specific communication and business challenges.


Staff Productivity

Highly Engaged Employement Stats

Despite the compelling stats, employee engagement efforts typically fade like cheap towels. This leaves the door wide open for businesses like yours to make the leap ahead. Our staff productivity solution connects human resources and operations with hospitality staff on the move, making higher employee engagement and productivity a reality.

Relevant, real-time communication

  • Disseminate information to all or select groups of employees
  • Communicate with the team in real time across channels and devices
  • Leverage AI/machine learning and data mining for automated communications

More efficient teamwork

  • Solve problems quickly with in-the-moment staff collaboration
  • Drive business results with real time access to information through purposeful micro apps
  • Boost engagement with an intuitive consumer-like user experience

Get-it-done automation

  • Enable faster decision making with mobilized business workflows
  • Generate automated notifications and role-based tasks based on events in other backend systems
  • Employ background bots to present in-app actions at appropriate times

Compelling engagement

  • Crowdsource ideas and create a culture of innovation
  • Engage employees and help them contribute to corporate initiatives
  • Use gamification to motivate employees and inspire them to do more

Give your staff the tools they need to be more productive and feel more connected. Schedule a demo and we'll show you how we can impact your business.


Guest Conveniences

Guest Smart Phone Usage Stats

The customer is always right... and she expects seamless mobile access to information and services like bookings and reservations. Go beyond these basics with an always-on AI assistant that can provide on-demand and guided access to all concierge services, from tee times to laundry pickups. Further, guests can review and recommend services or receive timely, targeted communications from your staff.

Automated guest communications

  • Enhance guest experience with personalized, automated trigger messages for pre-arrival, activity reminders, etc.
  • Create an automated messaging strategy for guests that can be delivered in-app, via text, etc.
  • Reduce staff workload and send messages that guests can act on

Outreach to one or many

  • Instantly push messages to guests via any channel
  • Send messages to custom audiences, e.g., those who are checked in and have used spa services in past visits
  • Serve messages with relevant actions

Convenient conveniences

  • Enable guests to use micro- apps to get hotel-related information and book services
  • Enable guests to plan their itinerary and stay while at the hotel
  • Deploy automated chatbots to help guests self-serve through a conversational experience

Engagement and upselling

  • Deliver offers and promotional posts to specially targeted guests
  • Generate engagement and spread awareness with guest participation in polls, surveys and contests
  • Encourage guests to write social media reviews through Trip Advisor

Up your guest services game with smart communications and convenient, mobile guest concierge. Talk to us to learn more


Custom Hospitality Solutions

Custom Hospitality Solutions

Be a smooth operator at the front desk and behind the scenes. Integrating legacy technologies and tools is one of the biggest challenges in making the guest experience seamless. We integrate our solutions with your systems, including PMS and POS, and your in-house tools to provide turnkey and custom solutions.

Rich customer profile

Aggregate data from bookings, PMS, POS and social media to build rich profiles for personalization and loyalty.

Customer insights

Leverage big data and AI to help increase revenue per available room (RevPAR) and improve yield management.

Process automation

Improve productivity and efficiency with automation of manual tasks and process and by integration of internal tools across various systems.

Reporting and metrics

Enable senior management to make better decisions with an integrated dashboard that pulls data from multiple sources to illustrate trends and other metrics.

IoT integration

From guestroom automation to keyless entry, IoT is changing the guest experience; integrate your existing systems with your choice of IoT platforms and solutions.

Integrated guest experience

Improve productivity and efficiency with automation of manual tasks and process and by integration of internal tools across various systems.

Got a specific business challenge? We can develop a solution that can help solve it. Let's talk!