Creating a sound internal communication strategy for non-desk workers

Effective internal communication is key to driving employee motivation, retention and productivity. But non-desk employees, with no corporate email address, are left out of the loop, though they make up 83% of the workforce. In this comprehensive guide, we take you step by step on how to craft and implement a sound internal communication strategy at your organization.

The compliance conundrum in retail:
How automation can fix it

Streamlined retail operations improves customer experience and thereby generates more revenue. But with retail operations relying mostly on paper documents, oral communications and tons of spreadsheets, operations leaders struggle to ensure process compliance even with a single store. Ensuring compliance across the entire chain gets exponentially more complex! Join this webinar to learn how automation can fix the compliance conundrum.

Anatomy of a happy workplace.

Happy employees are 20% more productive than their counterparts. Here's a quick look into the anatomy of a happy workplace.

Recognizing your best employees

Employee recognition improves employee retention. We've compiled some best practices to recognize your top performers in this short guide

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