Sponsor Activation

We all know it's better to go direct. SpotCues enables the "direct connect" between brand marketers and event attendees in real time. That's right. Total control. Embedded into your existing brand app. Targeted by location.

Sponsored Sports Event

Easily tweak sponsored promotions on the fly or load new content in your app, independent of the event organizer. And, enable social interaction with your content to up the entertainment factor and create a sense of fan-connectedness.

Geo-targeted communication

SpotCues leverages geofencing to automatically create an “on the spot” network of all users gathered at any physical location in real time.

Tailored promotions

Our micro-app-based approach enables you to rapidly tailor and deploy activation programs specific to an event/location. You can even deliver multiple promotions at multiple events simultaneously, while ensuring an event-specific experience for each user.

Social amplification

SpotCues provides rich content engagement tools to get users involved online and drive participation around activation programs. And, the social context created by connecting users via an activity feed further boosts participation and engagement.

Real-time analytics

Robust analytics enable you to get to-the-minute visibility into the performance of the activation. Also, make in-flight changes to the campaign and make the engagement more effective.

Do a "direct connect" with your target audience at your next event to boost consumer engagement with your brand. We'll show you how.