• Faster time to market

  • Open integration and extensible

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Enterprise security


The messaging component enables enterprises to shift from traditional communication model to a real-time, bi-directional communication model. SpotCues is a communication tool that resonates with today’s workforce- its mobile, social, easy-to-use, “push” technology that supports strong two-way communications.

  • Employee communication, Enterprise wide networking, Group messaging, 1:1 messaging & directory integration

  • Users can share photos, videos and attachments

  • Admin interface to broadcast announcement, events, newsletters, polls, surveys etc


Micro-Apps addresses the enterprise mobility challenge for today’s mobile and remote workforce by connecting them to critical business resources directly from their mobile devices. Enterprise can securely open up access to their internal systems or offer mobile enabled services via micro-apps

  • Each micro-app is an independent application that offers a specific feature/functionality

  • Enterprises can wrap their existing apps/features as micro-apps or build new custom micro-apps rapidly (weeks)

  • Micro-apps can be provisioned based on role and profile of employees/customers

  • Micro-apps can be dynamically provisioned or de-provisioned via a cloud based console


Bots are context aware intelligent assistants which mimic human interaction to smartly help employees and customers find relevant information and content efficiently

  • Bots can be integrated with enterprise systems to provide Instant, on-demand assistants that provide 24X7 service.

  • Bots can smartly automate tasks and push relevant content based on the role and profile of employees and customers

  • Bots leverage the power of AI to smartly identify user context and enable a very fluid interaction for users to find the relevant information and content


Get deep insights into user behavior through rich metrics and take data driven decisions in real time

  • Self served dashboard to consume metrics in real time.

  • Rich visual metrics with easy drill drown.

  • Detailed User and engagement level metrics. Support for custom metrics.

Pre-built employee engagement micro-apps

SpotCues provides a suite of employee engagement micro-apps out-of-the-box. These include employee recognition, surveys, contests, CSR, Innovation and more.

Corporate wellness






SpotCues utilizes the most advanced security technologies and policies to protect your data and users and offers enterprise grade security features and administrative controls.

  • Data security

    Fully encryption of data on the wire and rest using 256 bit- AES. supports TLS 1.2 to enable secured communication between devices

  • Full control over Data

    Get full visibility and control of your data through admin dashboard and feature such as remote wipe and remote invocation of users

  • Enterprise Single Sign on

    Integrate with your corporate identity management system

  • Extended control with EMM

    Works with popular EMM/MDM such as Air Watch , Mobile Iron, Xen Mobile etc